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News and Info:

October 2016

We are re-branding ourselves and changing the direction of our business.  Since we began in 2010 our passions have developed and grown into a specific fields, which bring us a lot of joy.  We are now specializing in Dog Products, especially Dachshund related goods.  As most of our loyal customers know, we are Dachshund mad (owing 8 of the little beasts ourselves) and have met so many amazing people through owing our dogs that we just want to share that joy and sense of community with everyone.

ONATAH the label is still alive, we are focusing more on specific designs, that are still vintage inspired, easy to wear pieces but we are bringing in a whole new concept and producing matching pieces for your dog, in the form of bandanas, apparel, bow ties, leashes, collars and more.

We are focusing more on items for specific purposes, that can also just be worn in general everyday life.  When I first started my label, I focused on the Festival Scene, but now that scene is so overwhelmed with so many labels, and products from china that I am no longer passionate about it. 

I truly hope that you all love the new direction we are taking.