Oilskin Weatherproof Coat - Dark Brown

Image of Oilskin Weatherproof Coat - Dark Brown

Oilskin Weatherproof Coat - Dark Brown


Made of Oilskin Canvas with Teddy fleece lining. Velcro closures on neck and chest.
Our coats all come with a removable snood/scarf.

Our Coats are the perfect winter coat for your dachshund or small breed dog, we’ve even sold them for cats! Our coats are made with a more shallow depth for our short legged friends in mind, so their legs do not get caught up in the coat. They also come with a removable snood, to ensure your dog doesn’t overheat. Our coats are the softest, most snuggly coats you’ll find. Our Coats do not cover the underneath of the dog/the chest, as this can lead to overheating.

*Please keep in mind that this coat is made of Oilskin and this fabric does get marks on it with wear, for that aged look. It is waterproof, windproof, weatherproof.

The following care instructions will help prolong the life of your oilskin coat.

- Do not wash with hot water or detergent as this will remove the oil and wax which are crucial to the waterproofing.
- When the coat gets dirty, brush off dirt or sponge down with cold water
- When the coat is extremely dirty, hand wash in cold water

If the coat requires a complete clean, we recommend using a Wool/Oilskin specific detergent, or pure soap. However once washed with soap, the coat may need re-waxing to maintain its waterproof abilities. You can purchase oilskin oil/wax online.

After washing, rinse well, hang garment on clothes line to dry. Do not machine wash, dry clean, starch or iron.