Marshmallow Faux Fur Coat

Image of Marshmallow Faux Fur Coat

Marshmallow Faux Fur Coat


Made of Faux Fur fabric with soft Poodle fleece lining. Velcro closures on neck and chest.

This coat does not come with a Snood.

Our Cuddle Coats are the perfect winter coat for your dachshund or small breed dog, we’ve even sold them for cats! Our coats are made with a more shallow depth for our short legged friends in mind, so their legs do not get caught up in the coat. They also come with a removable snood, to ensure your dog doesn’t overheat. Our coats are the softest, most snuggly coats you’ll find.

Please keep in mind jersey and fleece stretch with wear, so the neck should be very firm at first to allow for a good fit once the fabric has stretched with wear. Cotton/Wool and Linen coats will not stretch.